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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress… and working together is a success."
(Henry Ford)

Our History

KITE Group S.r.l. was founded in 2013 from the fortuitous meeting of the founders who, after years of activity in different areas and sectors of the industrial market, decided to convey their experiences and drive into a new company with the ambitious purpose of creating methodological innovation. The professional knowledge and skills are the tools that we at KITE Group offer to our customers so that both can draw significant advantages on the target market.

"Our task is to understand your needs to satisfy you with innovative ideas"

KITE Group offers integrated solutions in the areas of CAD, FEM, CFD, Business Intelligence, Information and Communications Technology, as well as services of testing of hardware and software. Moreover, KITE Group's management, aware of the level of importance assumed by quality and customers’ satisfaction, has recognized the need to establish an internal Quality System, which will be documented in full observance of certification UNI ISO 9001 2015 within December 2016.

KITE Group's Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with multi-disciplinary and multi-scope experience, through innovative technologies and methods, in order to improve their processes and products.

Our Values

Four are the keywords always in focus at KITE Group: Customers’ Orientation, Innovation, Cooperation and Training. Out of these four key words, customers are always at the first place.

  • Customers’ orientation: KITE Group always works in the best interests of its customers, and is focused on successful joint businesses through mutual respect and fairness. The Company is always oriented towards a continuous dialog with the customers, providing them with optimal solutions.
  • Innovation: KITE Group’s main business orientation can be summarized with the statement “market is continuously changing, so the Company proactively anticipates its development”.
  • Cooperation: KITE Group is supports cooperation in all high-tech fields, because it believes that unity is strength. The Company is thus open to joint ventures with enterprises who share the same values, as well as to cooperation with Universities, suppliers and commercial partners.
  • Training: “Nothing is more practical than a good theory” (Albert Einstein). KITE Group believes that theory and practice always have to go together. The Company is therefore dedicated to provide its team members with continuous expert training and its customers with full training support.